At the end of Kurukshtra king Yudishtera went to his grandsire Bhishma who was laying on a death bed of arrows to gain his lifetime?s knowledge and experience. During the conversation (Anusasana Parva, Section 149, verses 14 to 120) he posed these questions -

  1. Who may be said to be the one god in the world?
  2. Who is the one refuge of all?
  3. By glorifying and worshiping whom, can people attain peace and prosperity?
  4. What is, in your opinion, the greatest Dharma ? one?s true nature?
  5. By doing Japa of what, can creature go beyond the bonds and cycle of birth and death?

Bhishma responded by reciting these one thousand names of Lord Vishnu and reminded him that either by meditating on these names or by invoking the names through archana (Offering), our minds can be lifted to higher consciousness.

Benefits of Reciting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama ? Phala Sruti

  • That man who hears the names every day or who recites them every day, never meets with any evil either here or hereafter.
  • If a Brahmana does this he succeeds in mastering the Vedanta.
  • If a Kshatriya does it, he becomes always successful in battle.
  • A Vaisya, by doing it, becomes possessed of affluence.
  • A Sudra earns great happiness.
  • If one becomes desirous of earning the merit of righteousness, one succeeds in earning it (by hearing or reciting these names).
  • If it is wealth that one desires, one succeeds in earning wealth (by acting in this way).
  • So also the man who wishes for enjoyments of the senses succeeds in enjoying all kinds of pleasures, and the man desirous of offspring acquires offspring (by pursuing this course of conduct).
  • That man who with devotion and perseverance and heart wholly turned towards him, recites these thousand names of Vasudeva every day, after having purified himself, succeeds in acquiring great fame, a position of eminence among his kinsmen, enduring prosperity, and lastly, that which is of the highest benefit to him (viz., emancipation itself).
  • Such a man never meets with fear at any time, and acquires great prowess and energy. Disease never afflicts him; splendor of complexion, strength, beauty, and accomplishments become his.
  • The sick become hale, the afflicted become freed from their afflictions; the affrighted become freed from fear, and he that is plunged in calamity becomes freed from calamity.
  • The man who hymns the praises of that foremost of Beings by reciting His thousand names with devotion succeeds in quickly crossing all difficulties.
  • That mortal who takes refuge in Vasudeva and who becomes devoted to Him, becomes freed of all sins and attains to eternal Brahma.
  • They who are devoted to Vasudeva have never to encounter any evil. They become freed from the fear of birth, death, decrepitude, and disease.
  • That man who with devotion and faith recites this hymn (consisting of the thousand names of Vasudeva) succeeds in acquiring felicity of soul, forgiveness of disposition, prosperity, intelligence, memory, and fame. Neither wrath, nor jealousy, nor cupidity, nor evil understanding ever appears in those men of righteousness who are devoted to that foremost of beings.
  • This hymn in praise of the illustrious Vishnu composed by Vyasa, should be recited by that person who wishes to acquire happiness and that which is the highest benefit (viz., emancipation).
  • Those persons that worship and adore the Lord of the universe, that deity who is inborn and possessed of blazing effulgence, who is the origin or cause of the universe, who knows on deterioration, and who is endued with eyes that are as large and beautiful as the petals of the lotus, have never to meet with any discomfort.

Astrological importance of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

As mentioned above recitation and meditation of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra can help anyone who is seeking relief from various problems and can fulfill his or her desires.

  • Helps minimizing evil combinations/affliction of planets as indicated in one?s birth chart. One can also heal through and overcome various curses and misfortunes.
  • Many astrological classics including Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra have mentioned its use to obtain peace and relief in difficult situations. In fact it is a universal remedy to pacify and empower all planets in one?s birth chart.
  • Difficult periods indicated in a person?s birth chart including:


    • Dashas and antadashas of death inflicting planets(marak periods) and functionally malefic planets.
    • Difficult transits of Rahu, Ketu or Saturn especially over Luminaries, that is, natal Sun and Moon.
    • When transiting Jupiter moves through one?s 8th House.
    • Weak and inauspicious Sun, Moon, Lagna(Ascendant) Lord as indicated in one?s birth chart.
  • Incurable diseases, health problems, fear, anxiety and low state of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Financial losses, conflicts and poor economic condition.
  • Problems with progeny and any problem affecting children.
  • Marital problems and divorce conflicts.
  • Ensuring success in exams, business ventures and other competition.
  • Natural disasters or when one?s country/state is in a state of turmoil and distress.
  • Spiritual progress and grace of Lord Vishnu.
  • To fulfill any other desire or overcome any difficulty.


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