Their Real Identity The different Vedic gods have particular roles or functions, and represent or control different forces of nature. Thus, they are not all the same. They all have different meanings and potencies to do partic

KRISHNA DEVOTEES ARE DEAR TO SHIVA AND SHIVA IS DEAR TO THEM Shiva works for the benefit of everyone, and tries to help the living beings make spiritual advancement. This is why he has his own line of disciplic succession. This is also why he s

LORD SHIVA’S POSITION     In the Bhagavatam (4.3.23), Lord Shiva himself tells his wife, Sati, he is always engaged in  worshiping the Supreme Personality known as Lord Vasudeva, Krishna, who is revealed in pure consciousness,

Shaivism is one of the major traditions of the Vedic system, and centers around the worship of Lord Shiva. Those who accept Shiva as the supreme deity are called Shaivites. Its origin predates recorded history, but references to the worship of Shiva

One festival that all worshipers of Shiva take part in is Shivaratri. The night of Shiva is a festival that is held in the typical pattern of preparation, purification, realization, and then celebration. On the day of the festival, people will fast a

One thing you may be questioning is why Lord Shiva is so often represented as a lingam. Linga basically means a sign or symbol. So the lingam is essentially a symbol of the shapeless universal consciousness of Lord Shiva. “Shiva” also means that

       Worship of the Goddess goes back at least 4000 years in India, and further back to the Vedic times. Durga is the Goddess of the universe, and Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, is a form of Durga. She has u

Being the personification of the material energy, Durga is also the maidservant of Lord Krishna, and conducts herself in accordance to the will of the Supreme. Her shadow is the material energy, maya. In this form of Durga, she is pictured as a beaut

The Shakta tradition is another of the three major traditions of the Vedic culture. The power or energy of Shiva is Shakti, the embodiment of power. She is the power and support of the entire universe. Thus, she is the Universal Mother. He who worshi

When explaining the Tantras, the root tan means to expand. Thus, tantra means to expand the meaning of the Vedic knowledge. The Tantras are the texts studied by those, especially amongst the Shaiva and Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana cults, who worship Sh

ARE CONSIDERED THE MOTHER AND FATHER OF THE UNIVERSE   Since it is the glance of the Supreme Being over the energy of Durga, maya, which sets in motion the creation of the universes, Durga is therefore known as the universal mother.14 This

  The previous paragraphs point out how Lord Shiva participated in the creation process as Shambhu, and it is also related how Lord Shiva appeared in this world in a personal form from Lord Brahma. It is explained in the Bhagavatam (3.12.4), th

  Another point, as previously mentioned, is that within the glance of Maha-Vishnu over maya is the element of time, which starts the agitation within the energy of maya, or the pradhana. This is what starts the process of creating and separati

In the Sri Sanatkumara-samhita, from the ancient Skanda Purana, we find a conversation between the great sage Sri Narada and Lord Sadashiva, the master of the demigods. Starting at text number 26 to text 30, Narada Muni asks Lord Sadashiva, “O mast

  BASICS OF VEDIC PHILOSOPHY   WHAT IS MEANT BY SPIRITUALITY Spirituality is the relentless pursuit of the highest Truth and one’s real spiritual identity beyond the physical body and as part of the Supreme Spirit. It is the pro

  WHAT ARE BHAJANS AND KIRTANS In Bhakti-Marga (the path of Devotion), a number of rituals are adopted by the devotee to remember and worship God or the deity (personal god) of choice. An important ritual or medium of worship is to offer pray

  Introduction               Some of the greatest spiritual books in the world and deepest spiritual instructions are those in the Vedic literature. And the essence of the V

Krishnajanmaashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Krishna.  Krishna had to wage a number of wars during His lifetime. That is why elders say that the birthday of Krishna, Ashtami, is associated with difficulties. When Krishn

The last fortnight of asvayuja is known as Pitripaksha or the fortnight of the month especially sanctified for offering oblations to the departed ancestors. The last day the day of the new  moon ,is considered as the most important day

  Shri Durga Kavach ****** Atha Devyaah Kavachamh AUM Asya Shrii Chandii Kavachasya Brahmaa R^Ishhih Anushhtup.H Chhandah Chaamundaa Devataa Angaanyaa Soktamaataro Biijam.H Digbandha Devataa Stattvamh Shri Jagadamba Apriityarthe Saptashat

  The Hanuman Chalisa   sri guru carana saroj raja nija mana mukura sudhar, varanaun raghuvara vimala yasa, yo dayaka phala chara   "Having cleaned the mirror of my mind with the dust from the lotus feet of my Guru

The kavach is used to appease gurudev and bless the wearer with good health and wealth. 

  VISHNU SAHSTRANAMA   At the end of Kurukshtra king Yudishtera went to his grandsire Bhishma who was laying on a death bed of arrows to gain his lifetime’s knowledge and experience. During the conversation (Anusasana Parva, Sectio
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